Repatone is a fully-fledged vinyl recording studio. You or your band can come and make a record in a day. We have professional, mostly vintage outboard gear at your disposal well suited to cutting music to wax, from vintage Ribbon mics (RCA, Reslo, Beyer) to Valve preamps (Universal Audio, Ekadek, Dizengoff) to 12 solid state channels on an old Sound Workshop Series 20 console, outboard tape echo and compression, and much more! Our philosophy of recording is to take a traditional approach. Keep it simple. Everyone in the room together and just play.

We offer 2 recording packages. Both are for a 4 hour session: 

The 'RMC' package - $350

A flexible approach. Track to computer, mix and master, then cut to vinyl.

What you get:
1 x 96kHz, 24 bit master file for each song
1 x master file for on-line / digital content for each song
1 x record cut on the size of your choice
Additional records can be provided with a 10% discount off our normal cutting rates. 


The 'Ultimate Analogue' package - $300

This is for the purists or those who want to do it old school. No digital conversion, no computer. Just through our outboard gear and straight to vinyl.

What you get:
1 x record master
1 x 96kHz 24 bit digital file of the track(s) recorded back to digital.     


If you have any questions: